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Fully Automatic Edible Oil Packing Machine/Carton Erector+Case Packer+Carton Sealer

This video shows a packing line for edible oil,  the packing line is including carton erector / case packer / carton sealer / robot palletizer / control system. 

First of all, carton erector as the first machine close the bottom of carton and seal by tape, and then the pick and place case packer automatically lifts the oil bottles and loads them into the boxes. Four bottles of oil are loaded into one carton and 12 bottles are loaded in cartons at a time. The production speed of the whole line is about 13 cartons per minute. After loading, the cartons are automatically transported to carton sealer for sealing, Finally, robot palletizer automatically lifts the cartons and puts it on the pallet.

This kind of packing line is a very stable and mature product in our company. In China, most of edible oil factories will use such a packing line to automatically pack oil bottles, which greatly improves the factory efficiency and saves labor costs and factory space.

Customizable, can be designed according to your requirements.

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