Classic Case

Automatic Carton Erector with Gluing Machine/Horizontal Type Case Erector/Carton Former

This machine uses hot-melt glue to seal the bottom of the carton. As the video shown, the middle part of the carton is hollow. In this place, special attention should be paid to the glue spraying time. If the time is not grasped, the hot-melt glue will be sprayed directly into the hollow part of the carton. When workers pack the cartons together, some cartons will stick together, and the stuck cartons may not be used.

Our engineers have 15 ~ 20 years of experience in this field. They use the simplest and effective way to control the spraying time, which is convenient for workers to adjust the machine and accurately locate the position. That help the customer lots, save cost and greatly improve production efficiency.

Customizable, can be designed according to your requirements.

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