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Edible Oil Fully Automatic Packing System/Carton Erector/Drop Packer/Carton Sealer

The machine in the video is the editable oil fully automatic packaging system. The whole packing system is mainly completed by three sets of machine, carton erector / drop packer and carton sealer.

There is a conveyor to connected with the customer's oil filling machine. After the bottom of the carton is formed, it is sent to the drop packer. Four bottles of oil are packed into one carton at a time. The bottles automatically fall into the carton, and then they are sent to the carton sealer to fold the top and seal the carton, so as to complete one package.

In China, most of edible oil factories use this kind of machine to pack oil bottles, there are 3 reasons as below:

1. This kind of machine has formed standardized product, which can save a lot of cost in design and manufacturing.

2. The machine speed is 8 ~ 10 boxes per minute, which meets most factory requirements.

3. The machine is stable, simple to operate and convenient for the operator.

Customizable, can be designed according to your requirements.

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