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The working principle of Automatic cartoning machine


The feeder of the automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into three entrances:instruction manual inlet, medicine bottle inlet and boxes inlet.From the box feeding to the box packing, molding process can be roughly divided into four stages:pick up the box, erect the box, load the product into the box and close the cover.

Automatically place the product into the product storage,The product storage is driven by the conveyor chain;The detecting device detects the product in the conveying trough,control the folding box part to pick up a manual;After folding ,the box sent to the bottom of the groove for clamping;After the detection device detects the product and instruction manual in the storage ,the action for pick up the box is controlled by a sucker/ suction cup to draw a box from the box feeding port to the main line of the carton loading,the box is held in place by a guide rail and opened by a push plate,at the same time, two forward moving slots will be raised from bottom to top and lock the box, so that the box is opened at right angles and moved forward to the loading area.

Push rod conveyor chain drives push rod in the loading area, and push the product and manual into the box, the mechanism of the machine folds the ears of the box, and then closes the cover.Before closing the lid, the device will bend the tongue of the box first, and then a push plate will push the lid in, so that the tongue inserted into the box and buckle.Closing the cover what is a key action, it has a lot to do with the structure of the carton and the accuracy of machine adjustment.