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The working principle of real time printing and labeling machine


1.“Production line control terminal(database)” is base on The content data to be printed is sent to the "labeling machine control terminal" in the form of a single or multiple arrays according to the mutually agreed data format;

2.The “Labeling machine control terminal” sends the label data to the printing labeling machine according to the received data to print the label,Prepare labeling motion;

3.The "Printing labeler" senses the product signal of the measuring sensor and then attaches the label to the designated position of the product through the PLC instruction to complete the labeling action;

4.Through the flow of the conveyance, the product flows to the scanning code verification station, and the contents of the printed label are read by using the debugged “Scanner”;

5."Scanner" sends the contents of the read label to the "Labeling machine control terminal" control content NG/OK;

6.The “Labeling machine control terminal” sends the verification result to the “Production line control terminal (database)” to complete the single product labeling operation and repeats this.