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The Win-win pack high speed carton erector QL-840H30 is tailored to those customers looking for an high speed, small footprint and simple machine capable of running up to 30 cartons per minute with vertical carton handling.

High speed carton erector QL-840H30 is transferred from the magazine with vacuum cups; carton opening and all flap folding is done with mechanical cam devices. The all-mechanical system is extremely simple and easy to observe and troubleshoot using the slow motion / jog operation, The operator or mechanic can observe the complete case forming cycle at this slow, full function speed., and PLC + screen control is greatly facilitate the operation. Combine the Carton erector QL-840H30 with bag inserter, case sealer, cartoning machine, label machine, case packer to profit from a fully automatic packing line.

Product description:



Forming and sealing speed


Carton storage quantity

About 80PCS ( 800mm )

Adhesive tape width

48/60mm ( Choose one size )

Power supply

1P/3P 220V/ 380V 750W

Air compressing


Air comsumption


Table height


Machine size

L2100 * W1210 * H1750mm

Machine weight


Carton size(mm)


(The max. size and min. size can’t be existed together)

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